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"BookSeller U is FAR MORE than free courses for your success as a bookseller, it is a TRUE COMMUNITY of like-minded entrepreneurs. The RESOURCES you receive, even for joining at our FREE membership level, include numerous software and app tools and partners, FREE marketplace listings, EXCLUSIVE TextExtra quiz / video / link / e-content assets that make your listings UNIQUE and ACCESS to a NETWORK of over 11 million publishers, teachers and creative content developers. IF you're still undecided about getting into or staying in book sales-- our FREE resources will convince you it's the right choice." -- Tommy Halstead, President, "Professor Text" and Founder,

AN AMAZING DAY, when 8 of our team spent 18 hours with their BOOKSCOUTER apps, and got through 10,000 texts, with a SURPRISE at the end... (Click full screen icon bottom right and turn up the volume after you hit play).

Watch this short Video to glimpse the estate buying process and get a feel for how important FAST, accurate pricing is for large lots (These are video snippets from our most viral course: "Solving the Puzzle of Book Estate Liquidation: Buying 10,000 books in a day" -- see more below).

Member Pick Favorite Course: How to Buy 10,000 books in a day

  • "Solving the puzzle of Book Estate Liquidation" is our most viral course, and includes:
  • Managing Seller Expectations
  • When don't we have to 1099?
  • Transportation and Shipping Issues
  • Can we "Bulk Arbitrage" with Estates?
  • Pricing with BookScouter and beyond
  • Seamless inventory scaling
  • ALL the tools in best of breed
  • Best Practices of the Big Dogs (Includes profiles of the top 200 online booksellers including NICHE textbook sellers and access code resources)

"Book Selling for NonProfits Master Course" -- our most popular B2B series! (Click the EXPAND SCREEN icon on the bottom right after starting the 3 minute video)

Do you work or consult for a NonProfit? If not: consider it! Did you know that BOOK SALES are one of the top support pillars of NPOs? Goodwill, Libraries, Colleges, Charities, Healthcare and thousands of other NPOs raise significant funds each year via Book Selling. This is the flip side of Estate Sales: Book Donations -- an important key for Auctioneers and Liquidators who refuse to deal with the complex pricing and transportation of books. WATCH THE BRIEF VIDEO COURSE SNIPPET HERE TO GET A FEEL for this "Pay your gratitude forward" Series!

A few of the HUNDREDS of FREE COURSES at Bookseller University:

-- How to Become a Bookseller
-- Buying and selling with BookScouter -- a MUST HAVE app
-- ARBITRAGE COURSE: KEY to high sale margins: How BookScouter "DEAL" app fits
-- Why AUTHORS should consider book selling
-- Selling on Amazon FBA: a mixed bag
-- Barnes and Noble: Do Paul Singer and Jim Daunt signal a rebirth?
-- Campus Bookstores and Distributors
-- Adding E Texts
-- Text Extra: Become a Certified TE Seller!
-- BookSeller U ET Marketplace-- LIST FREE!
-- BookScouter, Amazon, Goodwill: The Closely-Guarded Secret of Selling Niche Texts on Ebay (On this year's MOST POPULAR List!)
LibraryPicks / BookReviewNetwork Reviewers sell thousands of FREE NEW EDITION TEXTS each year.

What if you could EXCLUSIVELY SELL a USED textbook WITH ALL the e-content / media of a NEW edition? (Our Grads and Authors BEST KEPT secret!)

BookSeller U and our Preptorial Foundation parents have been negotiating rights from authors and publishers, as well as creating new (member custom) ancillaries and archiving old links, for OVER 20 years. These give ONLINE ACCESS to buyers of used and previous edition texts (E-versions, access codes, supplements, videos, quizlets, etc.). BENEFIT your students and buyers with ALL the LINKS, EXTRAS, VIDEOS, QUIZLETS, and online text ancillaries! SEE BELOW for more ...

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Bookseller University is a service of The Preptorial Foundation -- helping entrepreneurs succeed in remote, home-based and online businesses for over 20 years. Preptorial has bought, sold, received and donated millions of physical and e-texts over those years and curates one of the largest private archives of texts, as well as videos, in the world. We're based in Prescott, AZ, USA and Tommy Halstead, an archiver, videographer, programmer, teacher and publisher, is our co-Founder.
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I've been a successful seller of IT texts for years. How do I Become a Certified Text Extra Seller?

First, pass our FREE Text Extra Certification Course. Next, become a BU member at the minimum paid level ($5). You can be up and running in a week, including accessing books, using the logo in your listings, and listing FREE on the BU Marketplace. Not ready to get certified? Join BU with a FREE membership above on this page and you can still source TE texts and materials from other BU Members!

I'm new to bookselling, binge take your courses, and recently joined a BU Live Coaching Session (it was awesome!). My group thought I should specialize in my favorite book niche (Culinary Arts) and also consider offering classes in that area.

That's the problem with BU's Live Coaching sessions, regardless of the level of your career, they're always pushing all of us to get into online teaching, text support videos and extreme niche texts! But with BU's help, it's not as hard as it looks. First, you don't have to invest a ton! Best, with resources like PODIA and Preptorial's support, you can get started with low risk, low investment "toes in the water" instead of spending $2,000 a month on ClickFunnels, Google Ads, and many more mistakes! 

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